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KitchTron Commercial Citrus Juicer Orange Lemon juice Countertop Heavy Duty machine. Perfect Fruit juicer for home, kitchen and restaurant


KitchTron Commercial Pink Cotton Candy Machine with Stainless Steel Bowl, Perfect Electric Candy Floss Maker for Party, Parks, Resturants and Home

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KitchTron Commercial Soup Kettle with Hinged Lid and Stainless Steel Removable inner Container, Electric Countertop Soup Warmer perfect for Home, kitchen and Restaurants.


🍁 [Material]: Crafted with a premium electroplating metal shell, stainless steel insert pot, and aluminum tank, our soup kettle guarantees easy cleaning and exceptional durability, ensuring a long service life.
🔥 [ Temperature ] KitchTron the 400W Power Wonder: Commercial Warm Soup! Indulge in piping hot delights, with temperatures ranging from a cozy 35-80℃/95-176℃.
🍲[Outstanding Capacity] In KitchTron Electric Kettle you can make and keep warm large quantity of food, Perfect for use in home, kitchen, Restaurants , canteens, buffets , conferences and offices food stalls, and at large family gatherings
✌️[ Design]: This soup warmer’s lightweight and portability allow easy positioning and minimize burn risks with full insulation. Additionally, the design ensures complete insulation and maximum protection, thereby effectively minimizing the risk of burns.

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Introducing the 400W Commercial Warm Soup Warmer! Keep your delicious soups at the perfect temperature with our powerful and efficient soup warmer. Designed specifically for warming soup, this product is ideal for commercial use in hotels, restaurants, and other food establishments. Featuring a warmer temperature range of 35-80 ℃/95-176 ℃, this soup warmer ensures that your soups remain piping hot without overcooking them. Its primary function is to keep your soup warm and ready to serve, making it a must-have for any professional kitchen. With a generous 10.5 Qt capacity, this soup warmer can accommodate large quantities of soup, making it perfect for high-demand settings. Whether you’re catering to a large crowd or serving multiple guests, this soup warmer has got you covered. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, the interior liner guarantees safety and durability. It is highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, ensuring that your soup remains uncontaminated and maintains its original flavors. Cleaning is a breeze as the stainless steel liner can be easily separated from the plastic shell, allowing for convenient and thorough cleaning after use. Safety is our utmost priority, and that’s why our soup warmer is designed with a split design. The separation of the stainless steel liner from the plastic shell prevents scalding accidents, providing a secure and user-friendly experience. Operating the soup warmer is simple and hassle-free. The heating method employs water-proof heating, requiring you to add an appropriate amount of water to the base before heating. This ensures even heat distribution and consistent temperature maintenance, guaranteeing that your soup is always served at the desired warmth. Upgrade your food service with the 400W Commercial Warm Soup Warmer. Its powerful performance, large capacity, stainless steel liner, and convenient split design make it the perfect choice for maintaining the ideal soup temperature in commercial s

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 36 cm


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